Management systems that meet International Standards require that you prove, to varying degrees of stringency, that your people are competent to perform the activities that they undertake within your business.  It seems an obvious requirement, really.  After all, you wouldn’t let someone who’s never passed a driving test loose on the roads in your car, would you?


And yet many people are promoted to positions of management based on the fact that they have shown themselves to be competent as craftsmen, technicians, artisans, etc.  An individual’s competence in one area of business does not guarantee their competence in another.  Training in the implementation and maintenance of management systems provides, by default, at least some training in the art of Management.


The training and competence assessment system that Flintloque implements for all its management systems follows three simple stages:


Observing the Trainer – The trainee observes the trainer performing the procedure.  The trainee asks questions and the trainer explains what they are doing and why.


Supervision by the Trainer – The trainee performs the procedure whilst the trainer supervises, offering guidance where required.

Objective Test of Competence – The trainee undertakes an objective test of competence without assistance or interference.  If they meet the predetermined criteria, they pass the test and are authorised to work unsupervised.


Flintloque offers training for personnel implementing and operating management systems that subscribe to the system outlined above.  What is more, by its nature, this methodology will become part of your core competencies and can be used by those who have been suitably-trained to train the next generation of trainers within your business.


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